Should I Take Lessons?

Jul 20, 2021

If you’re going on your first ski trip (or first trip in a while) and wondering if you should take lessons, keep reading. We’re sharing what day one in ski school could look like to help you decide if you should sign up for lessons. 

Should I take lessons?

The short answer is yes! Lessons can help first time beginners get proficient much faster than trying to figure things out yourself or having a friend help you. 

You might lose a little bit of time on the slopes with your pals but you’ll have a lot more fun with them later because you’ll be able to keep up. Besides, in large groups there’s a good chance some other people in your party will be in lessons, too. 

How do I sign up for lessons?

When your group books with Ski Daddy all you have to do is select a lesson when you register for the trip. That’s it – we’ll handle the rest. Your group leader will let you know when and where to show up for your lesson.

I’m signed up, now what should I expect?

Every resort does things a little differently but we’ll do our best to explain a general overview of an average first time lesson. There’s also differences in skiing and snowboarding lessons.

Most resorts offer lessons for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. From first time beginners to advanced, and everything in between. Lessons are usually offered in half day or full day sessions. You’ll be grouped with other skiers of your same skill level, which can help you learn from each other’s mistakes!

Your ski instructors are complete pros. They have been skiing and teaching for a long time and love helping people learn new skills. They are patient with the slowest learners and can challenge the quick ones. 

First time beginner lessons will usually start with an overview of equipment and stance. Moving around in the snow with all kinds of stuff strapped to your feet isn’t a natural feeling, but can be figured out quickly with help!

What should I expect at ski school?

Once everyone feels comfortable with the equipment standing still the lesson will progress into moving around on flat areas. For beginners getting to the lift can be more difficult than going down the mountain!

Many resorts have dedicated areas just for ski school. These are super mild slopes that you can practice on before getting too far up the mountain. Like bunny slopes, but bunnier. 

Once you can control your movement a bit your instructor will lead the group to the easiest green run on the mountain. You’ll learn how to get on and off a lift, if you haven’t already. 

One the gentle greens you’ll practice turning. Because turning is how you stop! You’ll do long gentle turns and progress to shorter quicker turns. Then you’ll practice, practice, practice (and fall, fall, fall). 

And that’s a wrap on your first lesson. If you stick with it, you’ll continue to improve the duration of your trip. You’ll be amazed at how much progress you can make in just a few days.


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